Welcome from the Year 2 team

A warm welcome to Year 2

We are Goodwood Class (Mrs Le Cluse and Mrs Marsh) and Newmarket Class (Mrs Clifton). Our wonderful TAs are Mrs Hewer and Mrs Nolan and Mrs Simpson.

The aim of our classes is to develop a safe and happy environment where your children will thrive. We will continue to develop key learning skills following a thematic approach and strive to provide an exciting curriculum which challenges and motivates the children to succeed.

As in all classes throughout the school, we really value the support that you give your children in their learning. Throughout the year we will be holding several parent events and we do hope you will be able to come along and join in with the fun.

As this is their last year in Key Stage 1, we will prepare the children for their move into Key Stage 2. This can be an anxious time for many families. Therefore, there will be plenty of opportunities in the Summer Term for the children to mix with the current Year 3 children and teachers so that the transition process is as smooth as possible.

As part of this the children will be undertaking end of Key Stage assessments. Nearer the time we will be holding parent information workshops to inform you further about how this takes place.


We hope that your children will thrive in Year 2 and have a happy and successful year. Please do pop in and meet us. If you have any concerns or queries we would be more than happy to meet with you after school to discuss them. Finally, we would like to thank you for the continued support you give to the school and to your children.


Year 2 ‘Learning Gems’ focus

I am practising earning Emerald Power

by being a ‘Have a go hero’ and not giving up, even when I make mistakes.

I am practising earning

Ruby Power

when I am kind to other learners by being supportive and listening to them. I am happy for other children when they have been successful.

I am practising earning

Sapphire Power

by focusing on my learning, even when there are monster distractions around me trying to put me off.

I am practising earning

Diamond Power

because I know what to do, even when I don’t know what to do. I also ask questions to try to improve my learning


The Great fire of London