Pupils who show an exceptional ability or have a particular aptitude for a certain subject are catered for through our Able Gifted and Talented Programme, co-ordinated by our AG&T subject leader who works closely with the class teacher to match suitable programmes to individual needs.

The term ‟Gifted” is concerned with academic subjects, e.g. Maths, English etc and ‟Talented” refers to the arts, PE etc. In addition to this we also include less easily acknowledged qualities such as leadership and interpersonal skills.

For our registered AG&T pupils, Queen’s Crescent aim to provide a range of activities both in and out of the classroom to encourage and strengthen their talents, skills and interest. These can range from local workshops, competitions and residential courses.

Careful liaison with class teachers ensures that the most effective means of providing support are available for individual needs to ensure that lessons are suitably challenging.

At Queen’s Crescent School all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to succeed

and achieve. This includes the more able children and we therefore strive to provide an education

that is both personal to their needs and motivates them to excel.

For more details please take a look at our Able Gifted and Talented indicator page and AG&T leaflet.


 Examples of Able, Gifted and Talented workshops

A small sample of some of the recent workshops we have run for pupils are listed below. These are often run by experts visiting the school or by pupils visiting other sites.

Journalism workshop – for talented and enthusiastic writers

Rock climbing and bouldering – to stretch students gifted in PE

Trampolining course – for budding gymnasts

Cake decorating and book design – for talented artists

Murder mystery maths event – an exciting challenge for our brilliant mathematicians

Science and DT course – electricity and bridge building to inspire our future scientists

Music composition – composing and improving musical pieces

Becoming a Saxon – bringing history to life with 3 days of Saxon living and activities.



We always keep in close contact with parents and students attending these courses. Some of the feedback we have received is:

“Joel has learned how to compose harmonies. We are delighted and envious!”

“Willow so enjoyed having history brought to life.”

“Robyn felt this gave her more confidence in herself and her ideas.”

“The Art workshop gave me some more inspiration to make other things”

“It has been a real boost to Matthew’s confidence”

“It was really fun!”

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