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International Dimension Policy



This is an important area of the curriculum for us and has a designated member of staff to monitor and support this work. Through a range of curriculum subjects we promote skills, themes and outlooks for global citizenship.

At Queen’s Crescent we are proud that we achieved the British Council’s Full International School Award in recognition of a range of international work across year groups and curriculum subjects. We aim to instil a strong global dimension into the learning experience of all our children and to provide a happy and secure environment in which children will enjoy learning; recognising their place as part of a global society.

We aim to consider human rights, diversity, global citizenship, conflict resolution, social justice, values and perspectives, sustainable development and interdependence as appropriate for our various year groups through a cross curricular approach.

We have an active link with Jamisa Lower Basic School in The Gambia and through Connecting Classroom grants from The British Council we have completed three reciprocal visits between the schools. The children in both schools enjoy finding out about each other and sharing their learning across a range of curriculum subjects. Our teachers participate in professional training together and continue this support through email. Our classes have been able to Skype their link class in Jamisa which has made the link more real as the children could really see each other. See a selection of photographs from our visits to Jamisa in ‘The Gallery’.

Each year we hold an international learning week which aims to raise awareness of a global issue. We have participated in the ‘Send ALL my friends to school campaign’ which highlighted the fact that so many primary aged children can still not attend school around the world. We made a paper chain with slogans of protest on and delivered this to our MP Duncan Hames.

We also raised money to twin our toilets through showing our understanding of the importance of sanitation. The children in FS2 asked if they could make posters in ICT.

We joined the Global Learning Programme ( ) in the academic year 2014/15 and partnered with The Ridgeway School, Wroughton during that year.  This opened up a range of training opportunities for our staff to further learn how to embed an International perspective into our curriculum.  On completion of the partnership with The Ridgeway School we successfully applied to become an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme (GLP) with a local secondary school, Abbeyfield.  This means that we can share our International expertise and create a network of like-minded schools within our town.  In fact, we have recruited 23 schools, including primary, secondary and special schools into our network.  Our designated GLP co-ordinator is planning five twi-light training sessions for the network, along with Abbeyfield’s co-ordinator.  These sessions promote planning with an international perspective using a cross-curricular approach.

Two staff members have studied for and achieved the Global Teachers Award - level one.  This enables them to support other staff members in planning for an International Dimension.

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