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As many of you may have read or heard September 2014 sees the introduction of the new curriculum in schools. It is designed to provide children with an introduction to essential knowledge and helps them to develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement through teaching programmes of study for each National Curriculum subject. Schools are free to choose how they organise their school day as long as the programmes of study are taught.

At Queen's Crescent we have chosen to plan our curriculum from the Essentials Curriculum by Chris Quigley Education Ltd. In order to do this we feel strongly about the need to stay with our cross-curricular topics, known as learning challenges, these ensure that the curriculum is taught in an exciting and engaging way. All learning challenges have stimulating starting and finishing points and teachers ensure that there are many opportunities for first hand experiences, including a variety of visits and visitors into the school. We are very proud of the curriculum we offer at Queen's Crescent School. In addition, we aim to ensure the children are more involved in the input into planning and guiding where their learning takes them. Therefore, when parents receive learning challenges these may be subject to change as the children may lead the learning down a route not initially planned. As long as we, as teachers, ensure that the key skills and objectives are taught from the National Curriculum, the interests of the children and the focus on creativity and challenging themselves is part of our fundamental belief at Queen’s Crescent School. The only subjects that are planned separately to the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum are:

Mathematics – Wiltshire guidance documents (which have been devised by a working party including Mrs Boddington and Mrs Reid from Queen’s Crescent School).

RE – Wiltshire Discovery RE Scheme

PSHE –Jigsaw scheme

As a staff we have now devised what we call ‘Curriculum Drivers’– the skills we are striving to develop in our children so they leave Queen's Crescent School prepared for the future. These will be highlighted on the Learning Adventure sheets and are included in this section of the website. In addition, we have available Maths, English and SEN information leaflets informing parents about the curriculum covered at Queen’s Crescent.

Should you wish for any further information regarding the new curriculum please do not hesitate to see your child’s class teacher.

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Curriculum Drivers

The National curriculum in England (Primary Framework)

Overview of the Primary Curriculum (created by Michael Tidd)