At Queen’s Crescent School we pride ourselves on providing exciting, stimulating and meaningful opportunities for exploring Science. Our fantastic school grounds enable children to investigate in a practical and ‘hands on’ way from the Foundation Stage through to upper Key Stage 2.


We celebrate curiosity in our pupils and encourage them to ask questions about what they notice. Through science learning pupils, gain an understanding of the importance of scientific advances, both past and present and gain an insight into how this impacts on our changing world. Pupils gain a passion for investigating, exploring and finding out about the natural and man-made world around them.


Our aims

In our school we want our children to:-

  • Look at the world as a scientist. This means we want them to develop curiosity about natural phenomena by asking questions about the world they live in and make simple predictions about what might happen if…?
  • Look carefully at the world around them and use their five senses to say what it is like.
  • Understand the link between science and everyday life, jobs and technologies and how science can have an impact on their own lives.
  • Have a sense of excitement and enjoyment
  • Develop independence and confidence
  • Treat the world around them with respect

To enable us to inspire the children’s scientific curiosity we teach a range of exciting topics including:

  • Electrifying Electricity (Key Stage 1)
  • Scintillating sound! (lower key stage 2)
  • Humans and inheritance and evolution (Upper key stage 2)
  • Galaxy exploration (upper key stage 2)

Parents and the wider community

Through making links with secondary schools in the local community, we can provide our older pupils with more challenging scientific experiences, taking part in scientific experiments in a scientific laboratory. We are very proud of the opportunities we provide for our pupils, we try to make their experiences as exciting and memorable as possible, for example inviting explorer David Hempleman-Adams to come and talk with the children about his adventures.

We are always so pleased when parent volunteers offer their support to the school from helping maintain our school pond to supporting their children at home with science based learning.

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