Registered Charity No. 1068490


Who Are We?


The Friends of Queen’s Crescent School is a registered charity. The committee is run by a group of parents on a voluntary basis and governed by the rules and regulations of the Charity Commission.

Our aim is to help raise funds for the school to purchase items or facilities that are not provided with statutory funds. The Committee meet with Mrs Hawkins on a regular basis to agree the items the school needs so that best use of funds is made to support the education and opportunities for the children.


Who Can I Contact?  


Facebook: Friends of Queens Crescent School

Chair Person                 Gary Scott

Vice Chair                      Nikki Harvey

Secretary                       Abi Fulluck

Treasurer                       Gemma Townson


Other Members: Amanda Burns, Kamila Fear, Hayley Ghent, Leigh Middlebrough, Lesley Proctor, Maxine Bromley, Natalie Wiltshire, Nyall Donald, Rachel Archer, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Vowles, Tanya Paterson and Beth Whitmore. 


What do we do?

We have a very busy fundraising calendar including discos, raffles, fairs, quizzes, cake sales and of course our biggest fundraiser - the Summer party. We are always looking for new and fun ways to raise funds and in the current climate we need your support more than ever!


How Can You Help?

We are a friendly committee & determined to help our school as much as we can. We would welcome any new members & we all give as much or as little time as we can spare. It is voluntary, but very rewarding & worthwhile. If you would like to join the committee or if you have any fundraising ideas you would like to suggest, please contact or put your contact details in to the FOQC post box in reception. We would love to hear from you.

We are always looking for new and fun ways to raise funds and would love to hear if you had any ideas for future events.


Beth Whitmore

Chair Person - Friends of Queen’s Crescent School


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