Playtimes and lunchtimes at Queen’s Crescent School


At Queen’s Crescent School, we want everyone to enjoy their playtimes and lunchtimes. The children have the opportunity to use of extensive outdoor facilities which include 2 fitness trails, an all-weather learning path a pirate ship, the tangle tree and 2 hard court playgrounds.

We are very grateful to the ‘Friends’ of our school, who have helped raise money for new equipment such as the story telling area and interactive equipment which is placed along the learning path. We have also spent a lot of money on the canopies outside the 3/4 classrooms, these provide shelter and additional learning space.

The School Council used the money from their allocated budget to purchase 2 ‘tee-pees’ which make great ‘hiding areas’, houses and dens- the list is endless!!

Our MDSAs have been trained to run games and fun activities for all ages, you will see the Huff and Puff equipment being used each lunchtime alongside parachute games, (coach led) girls’ football and much more.

On the small playground, the children have the opportunity to use the bikes and scooters to develop their gross motor skills. They are also fortunate to have the large gazebo which provides shelter in extreme weathers and a fantastic outdoor learning space. The large pirate ship is a huge favourite amongst the younger children, this is a place where they can let their imagination run wild- sailing the Seven Seas!

Our year 5 and 6 pupils have the opportunity to become ‘Buddies’, where they help the MDSAs by running games, helping in the hall and looking after the younger children. We think this is a fantastic way for the older children to learn new responsibilities and show their caring nature.

You can also see some of the children’s fantastic art work outside, including the decorated bench and the Totem poles.

To help with our ‘Outdoor learning’, the children were invited to enter a competition to design new playground markings which enhance their English and mathematical development.


We realise that not all children enjoy the excitement of a busy playground, therefore we have provided the ‘Calm room’ as an area for children to sit quietly and enjoy table top activities in a much quieter environment. (Year 2-year 6)

On the large playground the children can play basketball and netball using the posts.

We also have a wooded area, a pond/wildlife area and school garden, which the School Eco-warriors look after.

During playtimes, the children in FS2 and KS1 have fruit from the Government funded scheme, the children in KS2 can bring in a healthy snack from home or can buy something delicious from the tuck trolley.

The children in FS2 and Year 1 are also fortunate enough to have their own ‘outdoor areas’ which are developing all of the time.