The School Council

School Council

The new School Council elections have taken place and our new school Councillors have been democratically chosen by their class peers. The 20 chosen children will stay in office for the whole academic year, supporting Mrs Matthews in making very important decisions about the school. One of their first tasks is to decide how to spend their budget. They will then be busy collecting items for the School Harvest festival and attending meetings in term 1 and 2. This year, the School Council will have additional work as part of the Pickwick Academy trust and they may have the chance to visit the 3 other schools in the PAT. We also hope that we will get the chance to work alongside members of Chippenham Town Council, thinking of ways to make our School and the community even better than it already is.



What do we do?

The School Council meet once a fortnight and discuss many issues. Mrs Matthews sometimes has projects for the children to do:

Prepare the Harvest festival

Set up for Christmas dinner

Think of ways of improving the school grounds

Meet the Mayor of Chippenham

Healthy schools work

Children’s Christmas shoeboxes

Supporting the community

Last year some members of the School Council helped to improve Chippenham Town Centre by planting spring bulbs underneath the railway arches          

3 times a year, two members of the School Council represent the school at the Chippenham Children’s parliament. They listen to guest speakers, take part in debates and consider ways of improving the town.

Last year, we were the first school to hold a meeting in Chippenham Town Hall with the Mayor. We discussed ways of improving the Town and went on a town trail. This year, we are invited to take part in a Citizenship ceremony, to welcome people to Chippenham

Past projects:

Whale and dolphin protection

Road safety awareness with Wiltshire (Chippenham) college

Chippenham farmers markets

Harvest Festival 2017