A warm welcome from the Year 1 Team

We hope this will be a very happy and rewarding year for your children as they make the transition from Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1. Year 1 is an exciting new beginning for children and their parents and we support the children in developing a real love of learning. Our primary aim is to develop a safe and happy environment where your children will thrive. We value highly the importance in developing the vital skills of reading, writing and maths, alongside fostering personal and social wellbeing. The exciting topics we have chosen will hopefully inspire and engage your children both at home and school. We work very closely with the children’s previous teachers to ensure continuity, so that the children get the best start to life in Key Stage 1.

Our aim to is to invite all parents to become involved in school life and throughout the year we have planned different parents events, from ‘Meet the teacher’ meetings, short performances, as well as parents evenings. Termly newsletters will also inform you in more detail about current topics and up and coming events.  

Below are the learning attributes that we encourage the Year 1 children to develop, each linked to a precious gemstone. By developing these qualities or ‘Learning Powers’, we believe that the children will become kind, resilient, independent and effective learners. Celebration assembly certificates each week link to these qualities.



Learning Gems

I am practising earning Emerald Power…

by being a ‘Have a go hero’ and not giving up, even when I make mistakes.


I am practising earning Ruby Power…

when I am kind to other learners by being supportive and listening to them. I am happy for other children when they have been successful.

I am practising earning Sapphire Power…

by focussing on my learning, even when there are monster distractions around me trying to put me off.

I am practising earning Diamond Power…

because I know what to do, even when I don’t know what to do. I also ask questions to help improve my learning.

I am practising earning Amethyst Power…

by sharing ideas with other learners and working with a talk partner, to think of new ideas to add to the ones I already had.

I am practising earning Topaz Power…

by taking turns to share ideas. I help others by listening to their ideas and ask different questions in a group to make sure I understand what everyone else is thinking.


We look forward to supporting your child on their learning journey this year. If you have any concerns, please pop in or arrange to talk with us.

Thank you for the ongoing support.

Kind regards, The Year 1 team

Mrs Le Cluse and Mrs Carter- Class teachers Haydock

Mrs McKendrick- class teacher Newbury

Mrs Simpson – Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paterson and Mrs Lincoln- Year 1 Teaching Assistant

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