Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5 where we have a great team of teachers and TAs who are excited to be working alongside your children this year. 

Mr Stocks is in Newmarket Class and Mrs Woodman is in Goodwood Class. Our wonderful TA is Mrs Lauder, who will work with us at various times throughout the week, and Mrs Bellinger and Mrs Smith who cover PPA time. 

We have lots of exciting topics planned for our Year 5 classes this year to make their learning lively and engaging. 

  • Term 1 – What does the Earth looks like from the solar system? (book- George’s secret key to the universe) 
  • Term 2 – How are you helping to save the planet? (book-This morning I met a whale) 
  • Term 3 – How can science help the homeless? (book- The boy at the back of the class) 
  • Term 4 –Who is trading with whom? (book-Food and fair trade) 
  • Term 5 – Where is our twin? (book-The explorer) 
  • Term 6 – How can you show what you believe in? And Why do we celebrate carnival? (book -’Skellig) 

We hope that your child has a fantastic time in Year 5. Our aim is for them to develop a real love for learning and recognise their potential as learners and as citizens of our school and community. We are proud to have high expectations of ourselves and the children we teach and look forward to working closely with them over the coming terms. 

If you do have further questions, please pop into see us or make an appointment via the school office. Many Thanks for your support.