Queen's Crescent School

  1. Key Information
  2. Pastoral Manager Sarah Kibble

I am Sarah Kibble, Pastoral Manager at Queen’s Crescent School. I have worked in the school since 2004, and became  Pastoral Manager in September 2017.

My duties include the following:

  • To be a point of contact and liaison between families and other children’s agencies, such as social services.


  • To assist with the transition and induction of new pupils into the school.


  • Ensure that children who are having difficulties, either at home or school, receive help and guidance.


  • Help Parents and Carers to access advice and support when needed.


I am also a trained ELSA – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. This means that I can work with children who have emotional and social difficulties on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a small group. I can use a range of activities to assist with this.   As I am also trained as a Basic Counsellor I can listen and guide children who may benefit from talking to someone about their problems, this can be either a ‘one-off’ drop in session, or a longer series of talks on a weekly basis. 

A leaflet giving full details of the role of an ELSA can be viewed here.  Emotional Literacy Support Assistants

If you have any concerns relating to your children, or have any issues or worries you would like to discuss, I can be contacted on the school number 01249 460190 between 9am and 3pm, or by email pastoral@queenscrescent.wilts.sch.uk.

Alternatively, I can be approached on the playground between 8.45 and 9 am most mornings.