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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

Queen’s Crescent School ensures all teaching is differentiated to match the needs of each child. This is achieved through high quality planning and quality first teaching. This includes children who are very able or have a special educational need.

Some children may require more focused support, and additional adults may be used to provide support where appropriate. Children who are more able will be challenged through effective differentiation in class and a programme of gifted and talented in school and external workshops.

Some children who have a special educational need may require a personalised targeted intervention to support their learning and enable them to access the curriculum.

The support your child receives will be tailored to their needs, through differentiated teaching, use of additional adults and personalised intervention programmes, including a programme of gifted and talented in school and external workshops.

Where additional resources (such as a specific intervention programme) are required, the class teacher will liaise with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), and where appropriate, the Headteacher to develop a personalised programme of support for your child. All intervention programmes are evidence based, and are used to narrow the gap between your child’s attainment and the attainment of their peers.

Queen’s Crescent School strives to identify any special educational need as early as possible in order to provide the appropriate support.

Appropriate assessment procedures are in place which will inform ambitious and achievable targets for your child. These are designed in collaboration with your child, class teacher, and SENCO where appropriate.

At Queen’s Crescent School, children play an active part in target setting and reviewing their progress, along with parents and carers.

Through Parent Consultation Evenings, parents are involved in the assessment and review of needs.


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