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Healthy School Ambassadors

Each Key Stage two class has nominated a class member to be a representative of the Healthy Schools Ambassadors.

Over two weeks, these children were given the task of observing and monitoring the eating habits at Key Stage two snack times. The observations were recorded in a chart and then analysed as a group. This task was created due to Mrs Quintin noticing the slip in healthy eating habits at playtimes with some children choosing to eat bags of crisps or chocolate bars, from home. They also discussed the snacks offered on the tuck trolley and how they can be quite often carb based and larger portions than needed for a snack. Some ambassadors also noted that there was very little choice of fruit on the trolley.

Through a healthy eating cookery club, Healthy schools Ambassadors were invited to join other KS2 children in experimenting with new and exciting snack choices as an action from their findings. The ambassadors became ‘experts’ in what they considered to be healthy snacks and discussed the importance of a balanced diet. They created and trialled snacks such as: healthy dips for vegetable sticks, soup for colder days, fruit kebabs, fruit muffins and bananas with positive messages written on the skins as a fun incentive to eat more fruit.

The next step is to meet with the kitchen to share the findings and to ask for support in introducing some of their ideas onto the tuck trolley. This will also involve limiting some of the pizza, pastry options to create much healthier and varied choices.

The Ambassadors would then like to feed this back in a KS2 assembly so that there is a better awareness about healthy eating and so that all children are informed of the intended improvements to the snack trolley. UKS2 ambassadors will also create leaflets for children to take home and share the message with their parents.

The tuck trolley is an ongoing project for the Healthy Schools Ambassadors, alongside the kitchen staff, who hope this service will continue once Covid restrictions are lifted.