I am practising using Diamond power because:
•    I know what to do when I don’t know what to do!



I am practising using Emerald power by:
•    being a ‘Have a go Hero’ even though I might make a mistake.
•    knowing mistakes are part of learning so I don’t mind when I make one.


I am practising using Sapphire power by:
•    focusing on my learning even though there have been monster distractions around me.




I am practising using Ruby power when:
•    I am kind to other learners by being supportive and listening to them.
•    I am happy for other children when they have been successful in their learning.




I am practising using Topaz power when:
•    I share my ideas by talking clearly.
•    I ask questions to help my understanding.





I am practising using Amethyst power when:

•    I listen to others to take in new ideas.
•    I show signs of listening carefully.
•    I respond with an answer that is appropriate to the question.