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Local Governance Committee

The Governing Body is made up of elected parent governors, staff governors and co-opted governors (from business and the local community). Their role is to determine the strategic direction of the school and ensure that the school complies with its statutory responsibilities. 


The Full Governing Body meets 6 times per year to discuss progress towards the school's strategic objectives.


Governor Roles and Responsibilities:

Chair of Governors

Dan Linde / Matthew Croston

Vice Chair of Governors: 


Safeguarding Governor: 

Michelle Still

Inclusion Governor:

Gary Scott

Health & Safety Governor:

Gary Scott

Finance Governor:

Dan Linde

GDPR Governor:

Helen Selman

Community Governor:

Ashley O’Neil

FS2 Governor:

Michelle Still


Curriculum Link Governors

Link Mathematician

Maria Fuente


Link Geographer, Historian and Theologian

Matthew Croston

Link Author

Dan Linde

Link Artist, Linguist and Philosopher

Rachael Baker

Link Author (Early Reading and Phonics)

Michelle Still

Link Athlete

Matthew Croston

Link Engineer and Scientist

Helen Selman