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School Choir

At Queen’s Crescent School we believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to develop their musical potential. We aim to give stimulating and meaningful opportunities to explore the musical elements of performing, appraising, composing, transcribing and listening. We encourage links with other curriculum areas and provide musical activities throughout the year that support pupil’s musical learning linked to the curriculum.

We are very proud of our choir which consists of over 40 pupils from year 5 and 6. The choir meet for rehearsals each week and often perform at school events and in assemblies. This year we are very excited to be once again taking part in The Young Voices concert in Birmingham. 

Young Voices

Young Voices is an annual event held in different venues across England. School choirs from all over the country get together to form the biggest children’s choir in the country and possibly the world! Our children sing with thousands of other children as well as with some well- known singing stars!


Music Lessons In School

Drumming - We have a drumming teacher who comes into school once a week to teach children privately.

Brass - We have a brass teacher who comes in to school once a week.

Guitar- We have a guitar teacher who comes in to school once a week.



Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a number of concerts and shows throughout the school year. 

FS2 and KS1 perform a Christmas show each year for parents and KS2 perform in a carol service at Ladyfield Church.

Our year 6 children perform a ‘leavers’ show near the end of the school year. These have been a huge success and have included ‘Grease,’ ‘Wicked’ and ‘Bugsy Malone.’