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Our playground buddy scheme plays an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for children during lunchtime. At Queen’s Crescent we have over 20 volunteers across the week.


Who are they?
Year 5 and 6 children volunteer to take on the role of Playground Buddies. The buddies really enjoy their responsibilities, and not only do they make the playground a happy place for all the children, but also offer a great help to the staff on duty at lunchtime.


What is their role?

  1. To help all children to learn how to play cooperatively with each other.
  2. To help children resolve minor conflicts using our Resolve it Together Strategy.
  3. Help younger children in the dinner hall, opening packets, scraping their plates, filling water or milk cups.
  4. Teach children to play a wider range of games.
  5. Help lonely children make more friends.
  6. Most importantly, be available as a friend to all the other children.