Queen's Crescent School

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Executive Head   Mrs Julia Fountain 
Head of School    Mr James Essam
Deputy Head Mr Tom Mullins
Assistant Deputy Head(s)    Mr Scott Carpenter
  Mrs Kelly Butt
SENCo         Mrs Emma Lobb


Foundation Stage          Mrs Claire Garton
Mrs Beth Le Cluse/ Mrs Rachael Hynes
KS1 - Year 1  Mr Tom Mullins/Mrs Bryony Peters
Miss Alice Fleming
KS1 - Year 2   Mrs Kelly Butt
Mrs Lisa Quintin/Mrs Bethan Marsh
KS2 - Year 3           Mr Christian O'Sullivan
Miss Hannah Coupland
KS2  - Year 4 Mrs Rachael Woodman
Miss Sophie Chivers 
KS2 - Year 5    Mr Thomas Stocks
Miss Chiara Raicovi
KS2 - Year 6  Mr Joe Coles
Mr Scott Carpenter/Mrs Boddington


Specialist teachers    Mrs Alison Guest (Music Teacher)
Office Staff
Business Manager   Mrs Amanda Bunker
Admin Officer   Mrs Tammy Atkin
Admin Assistant      Mrs Samantha Phillimore
Finance Assistant    Mrs Kim Hamilton
Health and Safety/Facilities Support   Mr Mike Jones
Pastoral Manager   Mrs Sarah Kibble


Learning Tutors    Mrs Tracy Smith
  Mrs Clare Nolan


Teaching Assistants Miss Tracey Mott  Mrs Susan Simpson     Mrs Sarah Pickering
Mrs Jaime Gawke  Miss Nikki Lincoln Mrs Amanda Hewer


Teaching Assistants/MDSAs

Mrs Andrea Wariner   Mrs Jolene Knight Mrs Annie Priest
Mrs Charlotte Bayliss Mrs Katie Say Mrs Tanya Paterson
Mrs Gemma Rees Miss Sarah Eastman


Midday Supervisory Assistants Mrs Natalie Wiltshire Mr Ian Smith 


Chair of Governors:  Mr D Linde
  (to be contacted via the school office or via e-mail: clerktogov@queenscrescent.wilts.sch.uk)


Maternity Leave