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Digital Leaders


Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders are a developing group within Queen’s Crescent School who will play an essential part in helping us to use technology creatively as part of the curriculum, in addition to being e-safety ambassadors. Here are the main duties that the team will undertaking:

Maintain school equipment

Every day, the Digital Leaders check that laptops are put away and plugged in correctly to make sure everyone in the school gets to use them in their lessons.

They will show others how to use and look after our iPads and laptops so that we can all enjoy technology, without frustrating flat batteries or broken parts!

Support teachers and pupils as experts

The Digital Leaders will become experts to help others in their lessons; this could be using Scratch, Kodu or technology in other ways – such as when some of the Digital Leaders made an interactive QR quiz using the iPads, for the year 2s.  They will also help to train the teachers use new programs and software.

Trial and review new apps and technology

The Digital Leaders spend time using new apps, reviewing them and then showing them to others – as well as trialling new ideas, such as using programmable micro-bits and whether Minecraft can be used to help teach some lessons.

Promote e-safety

In some way, we are all now part of a digital community as we use the internet, phones and social media to communicate, share pictures and play games. It is important that we all know how to keep ourselves safe online; the Digital Leaders will help to promote e-safety and will work together to do this in creative ways – perhaps through assemblies, dramas or even using Scratch to make role-plays.

Become technicians

Digital Leaders will be trained to solve common issues that pupils and teachers might have when using technology – you could be a hero and help to save a teacher in need!

Be a voice for new ideas in the school

Share their own ideas for how technology could be used or improved throughout the school. The Digital Leaders could make suggestions for apps and hardware which could have a huge impact on helping us use technology to support our learning.