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Eco Warriors

At Queen’s Crescent School, we have 5 dedicated Eco warriors who meet weekly alongside Mrs Quintin and our Parent helper, Mr Dipper. They are busy with regular jobs such as: litter picking, clearing the pond, checking our variety of habitats and monitoring waste and energy

We are currently working towards the green flag award. We have pleased to say that we have already achieved bronze and silver status and are now working towards the internationally recognised ‘Eco-Schools Green Flag’.


We are focusing on the key topics:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • School grounds

As a way of covering waste and the school grounds topics, the Eco-warriors are currently creating an Eco greenhouse from used plastic water bottle, donated bamboo canes from a local source and recycled wire from old electricity cabling.

We are also continually reviewing how we can save energy and have now introduced Eco monitors, in each class, to help reduce electricity costs when classrooms are empty.